10 Reasons to Change Your Window Shades

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Unsure if you need to replace your window shades or not? Listed below are several signs that you should.

They’re hard to lower or raise

In case you have shades that are difficult to lower or raise, it is definitely time to get new ones. A mechanism at the shades is probably broken, and that is why it’s difficult to raise them. By pulling too hard on the strings while trying to increase them up, you could break the cord along with the shades that will be stuck in this place. If your colors are hard to lower raise, they’re probably just very old and now is the time to acquire new ones.

They have warped or bent pliers

Heat can damage faux wood colors and also create them warped. Humidity can do exactly the same thing to actual wood window shades. Warped slats will prevent shades from raising or lowering correctly, and they’ll stick out and won’t look fine. If just a couple of slats are warped or if a lot of pliers are warped, it’s just best just to get all new colors and shades.

They are discolored

Discoloration also happens from intense heat and humidity. This could also occur if the color material is deteriorating because of age. If your colors are a really light color, their discoloration will probably be really clear for both you and your visitors. Usually, the discoloration is going to be tan, yellow, or beige color against white or off-white shades. No stain remover will get rid of discoloration, because the yellow color is currently a part of the fabric. If you discover discoloration in your shades, it’s certainly time to acquire fresh ones.

Cords are frayed

Frayed cords just mean that you utilize your shades often and the material has aged. Cords are generally pretty thin and yanking them too hard could lead them to fray or perhaps break. Frayed cords can be embarrassing, as your shades can be stuck without being attached to the cords anymore. Prevent this from happening by buying new sunglasses right away.

The slats in your blinds don’t close tightly

If the slats in your blinds don’t close tightly enough anymore and the sun seeps through your colors, that means that something’s wrong with all the tilt mechanisms in the colors. Usually, this mechanism cannot be substituted because, to do so, the cords from the colors would have to be re-looped. This could require a great deal of time and it would not be worth it. Obtaining brand-new shades is a much better idea and will save you time and money.

Frayed edges on fabric

Shades are made from a wide variety of substances. A lot of shades are made from fabric, which could fray over time. Even though you might be able to sew the border of frayed colors back together, the substance won’t remain together in the long run. When you raise and lower the shades each and every day, the fabric will continue to fray and rip. If you just got your shades, a rip such as this is probably covered under warranty. If your shades are older, it is just time to receive fresh ones.

You simply got new windows

New windows call for new colors! This is particularly true when you’ve just gotten new window sizes as well. Your older shades will not fit, so this is the perfect time for new shades. You may need your window dimensions so that you can discover the exact shade size for all these windows.

Even if you’ve kept the same window sizes, fresh colors are a perfect buy for your brand-new windows. Redecorating is fun, so why not treat yourself and get those new colors you have been wanting.

Your colors aren’t in fashion anymore

There are a lot of window color styles and shades, as well as the trends could change in an instant. If you are doing some redecorating, fresh shades are a must. Besides, you can have so much fun with new shades and you really can play up how they accent a room. They bring a completely different vibe to any area in your home, and you will find so many fabrics and designs to choose from.

They aren’t safe for your kids

Maybe you got your colors before you had kids, and now they’re just too poisonous for your young children. Long cords can be a serious choking hazard for crawling infants. Young children can also get tangled up on long cords and that may be quite dangerous. Children could also pull too hard on a string and colors can come crashing down, which might cause big injuries.

If you’ve got young kids, buy some cord-free shades that you won’t need to be worried about. Such shades are super stylish while keeping the protection of your household in mind. They can be adjusted just by pulling down them and pushing up them, which is quite convenient.

They just don’t satisfy your window needs

Your needs likely have changed since the last time you purchased new shades. Maybe your shades are too lean for you now and let in too much sunlight. Or, maybe the color of your shades no longer belongs with the d├ęcor into your property. You have probably changed the number of your home’s interior components, and you need shades to match this fresh design. Whatever the reason might be, it is likely time to get new sunglasses that fulfill your needs.

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New colors can liven up an old look or make a new look stand out even more. They’ll change the way your house seems and will change how much sunlight comes into your rooms. There are so many ways it is possible to use shades in your general home interior design. Take some time to find the right colors for your home and your lifestyle.

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  1. You made a great point about how some shades could have long chords that might be a hazard to kids. Our son is growing up really fast, and he’s definitely shown himself to be the type that loves running around the place and touching anything he likes. To keep him safe, I’ll look for any place I can get cordless interior window shades and have them installed right away.

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