10 Steps To Protect Your Art Against Damage During Moving

Protect your Art

Safety is an important concern when moving artwork. It can be very distressing to see your artwork damaged. It is important to preserve all of your precious pieces. It is important to know how to safely move your artwork.

These are the 10 steps you need to take to transport and package your artwork safely.

  1. Use painters’ tape to cover artworks- Glass can easily crack during transport. To protect your artwork from damage, you can cover it with painters’ tape. The tape will protect your painting even if the glass breaks.
  2. Protect artworks with glassine- Artwork can be damaged by grease, oil, or water during moving. To protect your artworks from oil, grease, and water damage, glassine is a special craft paper that you should cover to protect them from such damages.
  3. Protect your paintings with palette wrapPaintings are susceptible to water damage and scratches during moving. To protect them, cover them with multiple layers of palette wrap.
  4. Position artwork between two layers of cardboard-To provides greater protection during moving, tape one layer of cardboard to each side of your painting. Make sure that the layers are wider and higher than the painting.
  5. Wrap the paintings in bubble wrap- During moving, paintings will be exposed to temperature fluctuations. Bubble wrap acts as insulation and can be used to cover them.
  6. Don’t pack your painting in an unsuitable box-You can protect your corners by packing them in mirror boxes.
  7. Fill in any extra spaces- While the mirror boxes will hug your paintings tightly, you should fill all of the spaces with bubble wrap or tissue paper. This will prevent the paintings from shifting in the boxes during the move.
  8. Seal the boxes- Sometimes the packaging can become loose and cause damage to the paintings. Use high-quality packing tape to seal your boxes securely. Label the boxes with ‘fragile’ and ‘artwork to ensure that the movers take extra care.
  9. Keep the boxes upright- If you place the boxes flat on the floor, your paintings could be damaged easily if an object falls on them. You should place the boxes upright and allow them to rest on their edges. The frame will protect paintings even if an object falls onto the frames.
  10. Hire Professionals- You might feel anxious when handling your artwork. It is safer to hire an art handler to safely pack and move your artwork.

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