5 Major Challenges Faced By Garments Industry

Garment Industry

Every manufacturing industry faces additional challenges in the production of its products. The garment industry is no exception. It faces daily challenges just like other industries while producing garments that meet consumer demands. It is important to identify the issues before you make any changes.

Today’s article will discuss the common problems all garment manufacturers have to deal with that hinder their production and delay deliveries.

Raw-Material Issue

The garment industry is dependent on raw materials. Garment producers depend on many suppliers around the globe for their raw materials. Manufacturers don’t receive raw materials in time due to a variety of reasons, including incorrect stock knowledge, inaccurate production requirements, natural disasters, and geopolitical instability. They may get materials of poor quality or insufficient quantity. They are then faced with problems in material sourcing and shortages.

Inventory Management

To ensure that your business runs smoothly, it is essential to have full visibility and control over the inventory. This will allow you to see the stock levels and order quantities as well as when stock should be replenished. Many garment companies still use the old inventory management system that uses Excel files.

They create a list of all their items using a pen and paper method. Then, they use manual processes to track inventory. They are unable to scale up their inventory management processes. This problem can be solved using digital solutions.

Production Delays

The garment industry is prone to production delays. The garment industry still experiences unnecessary delays due to human errors, inefficiency in supply chains, slow production, outdated manufacturing processes, and lack of transparency.

Order Processing Issue

Each garment order goes through a complex and intricate process. Garment manufacturers must deal with many challenges during order processing, from preparation to the final product to meet quality approvals. Half-baked products in the warehouse waiting to be shipped to the next jobber, or poor follow-up with jobbers for goods receiving delays things.

Garment Defects

Garment defects are another major concern for garment manufacturers. Garment defects can be found after the garment is finished. These include holes, stains, improper trimming, poor ironing, and loose thread. These are caused by poor communication, poor cutting, trimming, improper handling, and improper manipulation of garment parts.

Concluding note

You need a comprehensive solution to help you solve your problems and increase your business’ productivity. These operational challenges can be overcome with a Garments ERP management system.

The robust software is capable of handling all aspects of your operations, including planning, manufacturing, order processing, and distribution. This software is designed to meet the changing needs of the garment industry.

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