A Brief Guide On High-Traffic Areas Mats


You may be on your feet all day, but all day your feet – and those of countless co-workers and customers – are on the floor of your facility. All those feet, all those shoes, and all of the moisture, dirt, mud, and other substances they carry with them can be brutal on floors and carpeting. They also create serious safety hazards that can lead to costly claims and disruptions.

That is why it is necessary to pay close consideration to the mats and coverings you use in high-traffic areas in and around your building. Mats that absorb moisture and scrape dirt are built specifically to stand up to the abuse of all of those shoes heading back and forth.

The weather can have a large impact on your enterprise. On a damp rainy day, excess water doesn’t just impact your workspace’s standing and cleanliness but it’s quite a security for everyone in the area. The right mats take care of the issue. Absorbing up to 3 liters of water and coming with anti-slip rubber, ensure that your floors are kept dry, protected, and safe no matter the weather.

Here are some of the best floor mats for common high-traffic areas:

Entrance Mats

Every facility is different in terms of the areas that see the most foot traffic. But every building, facility, store, or office shares one high-traffic area in common: the entrance.

Every business should place mats inside all entrances, and you should have a mat outside that scrapes the bottoms of shoes and removes some dirt before the person comes inside.

The entrance mat aggressively and efficiently removes dirt and water from the soles of shoes and holds onto those substances until the mat can be removed and cleaned.

Rubber entrance mats are designed for harsh weather and heavy foot traffic. Good choices are the Rubber Scraper Mats with special holes for the drainage of water (think snow and ice) that offer a bit more traction and some noise-dampening qualities for hard floors like ceramic or stone tiles.

Commercial Kitchen Mats

Busy kitchens not only see a lot of people in constant motion throughout the day, but they are full of food, liquids, and other items that can quickly end up on a wet, greasy, and sticky floor. To increase traction and prevent falls and other injuries, industrial and commercial kitchen floor mats are a necessity.

Restaurant Kitchen Mats are ideal single commercial restaurant drainage mats constructed using a durable rubber compound formed with an alternating large hole/ small hole system. The raised pattern surrounding the large holes works to channel drainage and debris from the worker platform while providing excellent traction for kitchen staff.

Runner Mats

Hallways and corridors that see a lot of foot or equipment traffic take a beating. Rubber runner mats are perfect for these passageways.

Mats are simple, effective, and inexpensive ways to keep high-traffic areas cleaner, lower your maintenance costs, extend the useful life of your floors, and make your place of business safer for employees and visitors alike. We proudly offer the finest in commercial mats and floor covering products in the marketplace. Our products are designed to provide safety, durability, and functionality in all types of environments.

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