Emergency Passport: The Checklist For It

Emergency Passport

First, remember to be calm when applying for an emergency passport. Double-check that you have entered the correct information when you submit your passport application. You could lose your travel plans if you make a mistake on an emergency passport application. If an error in the application process is made, the U.S. government could reject your application. To make the application for an emergency passport simpler, please refer to the 24 Hour Passport and Visas checklist.

You must first consider your time constraints and what you can afford before you apply for an emergency passport. Calm down and estimate how much time you will need to leave the country. When you apply for your passport you will need to provide proof of your travel itinerary. Make sure you plan this well.

You may need to consider other factors before deciding if you require a passport. You can use a US passport card to travel to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and other countries.

However, the passport card can only be used for land and seaport entry. The passport card cannot be used for air travel. You must also have your passport book with you. The passport card is not valid in any other country than the ones mentioned above.

What is an emergency passport?

A travel emergency passport is one that you need to have to travel abroad. These circumstances are defined by Travel Stategov as severe illnesses, injuries, or deaths within your immediate family, which require you to travel out of the United States in 72 hours (3 days). You must provide a reason for emergency travel. If your reason is not accepted by the Department of State, you will not be allowed to apply for an Emergency Passport. If you don’t require a passport within 72 hours (3 days), there is another passport application process.

You can expedite your passport through the travel state government department if your travel plans are made within 6-8 weeks. This is not an emergency, but it may take longer due to the number of applications the department of state must deal with. A passport expeditor agency like Expedited Passport Houston can expedite your passport if you are traveling less than three weeks before. You will need to have a reason to travel out of the country immediately. The passport expedition will be charged an additional fee.

How can we obtain an Emergency Passport?

You can apply for an emergency passport in two ways. You can either apply directly to the US travel department or through a private agency such as 24 Hour Passport and Visas, depending on your urgency.

An emergency passport can be obtained through the US travel.state.gov links. You may also call to schedule an appointment. These documents should be included in your application:

  • All supporting documents required to complete the correct passport application form (new or renewed passport),
  • Documents that prove the existence or imminent death of a person (death certificate or statement from a mortuary or signed letters from hospital staff or doctors) are required. The emergency passport application may not be accepted if the translated document is not in English.
  • Photo of your travel itinerary.

A passport agency is another way to apply for an emergency passport. A passport agency can help you get your passport within 24 hours. The application process is much simpler than if you were applying yourself. You can get assistance at each step and apply for an emergency passport at the nearest office. You will need to pay an additional fee than when you apply with travel.state.gov. This fee is to speed up your application process.

What documents are required for an emergency passport?

When applying for an emergency passport, it is important to have the correct documents. Here is a checklist to help you prepare for an emergency passport.

  1. Application form (DS-11 and DS-82)
  2. 2 passport photos (both 2” x 2’’ with a white background). Our office offers a photo service.
  3. Original/certified U.S. birth certificate Original/certified U.S. birth certificate. NOTE: A certified certificate of birth must have a registrar’s raised, embossed, and impressed or multicolored seal. It also needs to include the date that the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office (which must not be more than one year after your birth).
  4. A valid driver’s license or government-issued photo ID is proof of identity.
  5. For a Letter Of Authorization, please call.
  6. Travel itinerary.
  7. Payable to the “US Department of State” with a certified check or money order

What is the average time it takes to obtain an emergency passport?

A U.S. department will usually issue an emergency passport within 72hours (3 business days) if necessary for life-threatening or death emergencies. If you have applied directly through the travel state government internet sites, this is what you will get. For more information about the application process, visit travel.state.gov.

You can expedite through a passport agency. To speed up the process, this expedited passport application comes with an additional fee.

Can we get an emergency passport within one day?

You can get your passport within 24 hours if you apply through a passport agency such as Expedited Passport Houston.

We are the best US Visa and passport expeditors in the country. We can secure your passport in as little as 24 hours.

To be eligible for an emergency passport through the Department of State you must have a valid reason to travel. Travel State Gov defines this reason as any serious illness, injury, or death in your immediate family that requires you to travel out of the United States within 72 hours (3 days). This reason must be proved by providing documentation, such as a death certificate or a statement from the mortuary, or a signed letter from a hospital or medical professional. The Department of State may disapprove of an emergency passport application if you fail to provide sufficient evidence or if you don’t give a compelling reason. When applying for an emergency passport, you must have all of the documents on the checklist.

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This step-by-step guide will help you navigate the application process. For more information, visit the site. Or contact the nearest regional office to discuss your questions.

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