Everything About Raised Flooring & Why We Use it: Reason Explained

Raised Flooring

Are you planning to move or renovate your office? You have the opportunity to make it as efficient and effective as possible. It can be transformed into a workspace that your team will love for many years.

The floor is often overlooked in a move or renovation. A floor is just that, a floor. It is very little you can do other than to rip up the carpeting and replace it.

This type of thinking is based on your experience in existing office spaces. Raised access flooring can transform an area and provide more functionality than you ever thought possible from a floor.

What is raised access flooring?

Raised access flooring is becoming increasingly popular in offices due to its modular and customizable nature. Raised access flooring, in essence, is a floor that is placed on top of an existing floor. This leaves room for cabling, ductwork, and other things.

Raised access flooring comes in many styles and options. For example, a data management center might choose a heavier-duty option with more space below to run cables or airflow equipment.

A traditional office environment may require a more low-profile floor. This allows for space between the ceiling and floor, while still allowing for space below the floor to accommodate basic cabling.

You now have an idea of what raised access flooring looks like. Why do you need it for your office?

Flexible and customizable solution

Raised access flooring can be used to run cables and lines below the floor. You can plan to install new modular flooring panels if your business grows and you need additional ports to accommodate new employees.

This is much more cost-effective than changing wiring or altering your floor plan entirely. You can quickly make the changes without affecting the rest of your workspace.

Raised access flooring can be customized to fit your needs. Modular sections of raised access flooring are easily removed or added to. You may be able to take your existing raised flooring with you if you move into a larger space.

Increase Safety in the Office

For office workers, one of the most common injuries is Falling or tripping. Tripping in the office is a common problem caused by cables.

Raised access flooring reduces the area where cables can be seen and are easy for people to trip on. One preventable fall at work could save you time and money in lost hours, worker’s compensation claims, and insurance settlements.

Make your space look cleaner and more professional

Let’s face the facts, cables running across the floor don’t look very nice. You want to make sure that clients are impressed by your business.

Cables can not only be a safety hazard for employees in your office but also cause a problem with eyesight. How would your customers feel if cables were found hanging off the walls?

Access flooring with raised edges makes it easy to hide cables. You should present a professional, clean appearance to anyone who enters your workplace.

There is plenty of room to expand below your feet

You may need to have more equipment and networking cables as new technologies become available. Are you going to continue running these cables across the floor for everyone else to see? This is not a well-designed solution.

Raised access flooring allows you to grow while still maintaining the professional appearance you desire every day. You can open the flooring panels and run the cables as needed to expand your business without having to spend a lot or choose a less attractive solution.

Invest in Growth and Professionalism

Raised access flooring can be a great solution for companies that want to grow in an environment with more technology. We also offer competitive raised floor price.

Although the upfront cost of raising access flooring may seem higher than not doing anything, it is still worth it. The investment can be long-lasting. Even if you decide to move to another space.

Are you interested in learning more about raised access flooring? We have you covered the business case behind raised access flooring will explain why adding a raised floor can help maximize the value of your office space.

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