Everything Need to Know about Commercial Entrance Mats

Commercial Entrance Mats

Commercial Entrance Mats can be more than just decorative floor mats for your lobby. They are an essential part of the overall efficiency of your business and building.

Here are five facts you might not know about commercial entrance mats.

  • They protect your customers and employees

Your business’ entrance is the most likely place where customers or employees may trip or slip. Falls can be dangerous for businesses as you will be responsible for any injuries that the person who fell might have sustained.

This may not seem like an important thing. What’s the worst thing that could happen after a fall? You might get a few bruises. Slip, trip, or fall accidents are the most common causes of broken bones. Commercial entrance mats can protect your customers and employees as well as your business.

  • You can choose from Indoor and Outdoor Entrance Mats

A commercial entrance mat can be purchased that is either for indoor or outdoor use. You can even find mats that work in both directions. You can have more mats than you need to keep water and dirt from getting on your floors. This will reduce the need for cleaning.

  • Commercial Entrance Mats Protect Your Flooring

Your business is visited by many people every day. This all causes damage to your flooring. This process is accelerated by dirt and water, and you will need to replace your flooring often. This is especially true for flooring near the entrance.

Your customers’ shoes will be collected on commercial entrance mats. This will reduce dirt and water on your floors, and also less damage.

  • Mats for Commercial Entrance Management that are Eco-Friendly

Many commercial entrance mats are eco-friendly and can be purchased. These mats are available in many styles and colors. These mats also communicate that your company cares about the environment and makes environmentally-friendly choices.

These mats are made of recycled car tires and are extremely durable. These mats will last for a long time and be of great use to you.

  • You Can Customize Commercial Entrance Mats

A commercial entrance mat protects both your customers and your floors. Your company logo and name can be imprinted on a commercial entrance mat. This is a real option for entrance mats. You can choose from indoor or outdoor logo entrance mats. These mats are free advertising for your company and allow people to pass by.

Your commercial entrance mats can last a lifetime if they are cleaned and maintained regularly. A nice, welcoming entrance mat is a great way to greet customers as they enter your business. These mats protect and provide safety for your floors. You can choose from a variety of styles and shapes to suit your design requirements. Either buy an eco-friendly floor mat or make your own by adding your logo and company name.

We offer a variety of commercial entrance mats that will meet all your needs. Check us out today!

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