Garment Manufacturing Process: How to Get Clothing Made By Garment Factories

Garment Factories

How to send your designs and get your clothes made. This article covers – How to design a garment line and how to manufacture it.

New fashion designers often ask, how to send their sketches to manufacturers. New designers often don’t understand how garments are made. It is crucial that fashion designers who are aspiring should understand the process. This article will focus on the fashion design process, how to order clothing from garment factories, and how fashion software can help make your life easier.

This is how the Fashion Design Process works. A designer must first have a vision of the garment. To get the idea down on paper, a designer may sketch it out by hand. Some people may start with a fashion designer program to create their fashion sketches. Many of these programs include fashion design templates. The next step for a hand-drawing designer is to convert the hand sketch to a computer.

The next step is crucial. To proceed, you must first understand what you want. You might be looking for software to create patterns you can print if you are a home sewer. Your technical sketch is the next step before you start thinking about patterns.

After you have your computer-drawn sketch, you can turn it into a technical drawing. Technical sketches are where you map out the measurements directly on top of your sketch. You can also get The Fashion Business Center, which contains spec sheet templates as well as grading sheets templates.

Once you have saved your technical and regular sketches as JPEGs, PDFs, or PNGs, you can now move on to the next step. They look professional, and your seamstress or pattern maker will be able to create your garments more accurately. To go with your sketches, you will need to create a spec sheet.

The Official Step-by-Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line is an excellent book that will help you create your spec charts as well as how to get your clothing made. It also includes essential information about how to work with manufacturers of apparel. We have worked with many different manufacturers around the globe.

Let’s move on to the next stage. You are now ready to move on to the next step. If you want to cut and sew your own patterns, you can purchase pattern-making software. You can also send your entire garment tech package to your seamstress, clothing manufacturer, or pattern maker without a cut-out pattern and have them create your finished pattern. This is a common route taken by many fashion companies. Most new designers are hung up on patterns. Before you create your master patterns, it is necessary to test and fail several times before you find the right fit. Any new designer should start by understanding the specs.

A full garment tech package is all that’s required by most garment manufacturers. They can then create a sample garment from this pack. Most manufacturers don’t need your pattern. It’s not required. It is significant for fashion designers who are interested in designing clothes to understand this because there are many misconceptions.

Focusing on patterns being made too early will lead to a higher cost than what you should be spending at the beginning stages. Even if you send actual patterns to them they will still rely heavily on your technical sketches or spec chart. This is how the business works.

Once your clothing factory or manufacturer has created a pattern that is successful and fits you well, they will be able to sell that pattern. You can ask them to send you the pattern. One exception to this rule is: You may need to have a local seamstress create your garment so you can send it off to your manufacturer.

It will make sure they do it correctly. Remember to include your complete garment tech pack with the sample you send. Many designers believe that just by sending a sample to their clothing manufacturer, the manufacturer will automatically be able to take the measurements and make the garment. Sometimes they can, but they will most likely get the wrong measurements.

You should also think about how you will send your files to your manufacturer. It’s easy to E-mail your fashion sketches created by your computer to your manufacturer in JPEGs, etc. This will help you save money. Imagine how much you could save by not having to physically mail a new pattern to China every time you create it. This could be costly and time-consuming. You can skip this step if you don’t have the skills to sew.

Fashion Design Software can be used to create catalogs, storyboards, and portfolios. Fashion design software is essential in today’s technological age. There are many affordable options.

Clothing manufacturers will need your tech pack in order to make your clothes. Tech packs usually include a regular sketch, technical sketches, and any labeling that is relevant to any style. New designers often think that they don’t need a pattern. This is false. Let’s say you work with a manufacturer in another country or state. Most tech packs are sent electronically. You will need to mail the pattern to at least three or four manufacturers.

Otherwise, shipping costs could be high. Most lines will send an electronic tech pack to get you started.

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