How Often You Should Schedule Office Cleaning for Each Area

Schedule Office Cleaning

Each area of the building will require a specific office cleaning schedule. For instance, medical offices require daily cleaning, whereas insurance offices may just require weekly cleanings.

  1. What’s a Good Office Restroom Cleaning Schedule?

On your professional office cleaning checklist, always include daily restroom cleaning. Daily cleanings will continue to keep these places sanitary for workers and visitors. No one should need to use a filthy restroom, and daily cleanings will prevent that.

If the restrooms have a good deal of traffic, they may require cleaning twice a day or more. Have an employee check the toilets several times a day per week to monitor how often people see these facilities and whether twice-daily cleaning will help keep the space in good condition.

  1. What Should Be My Office Kitchen Cleaning Schedule?

Because people prepare food in an office kitchen, you will need to wash the surfaces and microwave each day. Once a week, empty the refrigerator to prevent mold growth and food spoilage. While you might have your workers clean up after themselves and eliminate their leftovers from the refrigerator, you do not have to turn over the duty of cleaning the kitchen for your employees.

Schedule Janitorial Services for your office kitchen for a weekly deep cleaning if you can turn over daily tasks to your employees. Otherwise, integrate kitchen cleaning to the normal restroom cleaning schedule.

  1. How Often Should I Obtain Professional Carpet Cleaning?

The best schedule for commercial carpet cleaning is based on the type of traffic the building receives. You may include carpet cleaning in your commercial deep cleaning checklist along with other tasks, such as removing dirt and dust from air ducts and tile grout. However, if your organization gets a lot of traffic or an extended period of wet weather results in people tracking in large quantities of dirt and sand, you may need the carpeting cleaned sooner.

One way to schedule carpet cleaning for heavily trafficked offices would be to get a cleaning firm to do the job over the weekend while the office space has fewer persons. This time allows the carpets to dry completely before work begins on Monday morning. For offices that just need infrequent carpet cleaning, schedule this support once a month. Cleaning the carpets should happen at least several times each year to prevent dirt buildup from the carpet, which becomes more difficult to remove at the next cleaning session.

  1. How Often to Clean Lobby Places?

Lobby areas greet visitors and workers alike and should have a presentable, clean look. Daily freshening of this area may include vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, dusting, and washing the windows. Although these are just a couple of simple tasks, these tasks can dramatically affect how to wash the lobby looks. If your facility has a high number of visitors, keep your entry area as blank as the restrooms, and schedule daily services for both.

  1. How Often Should I Have My Office Cleaned?

When deciding how frequently to have your office cleaned, consider how many people visit it. If your workspace regularly hosts visitors, you will need more frequent cleaning than if you and your colleagues are the only ones to visit. If you keep your office clean enough by taking care of light chores yourself such as vacuuming, emptying wastepaper baskets, and wiping your desk, then you might only need deep cleaning a few times a year for your work area.

  1. How Often to Schedule Janitorial Services for the Exterior of My Building?

The outside of your building will also need attention. Whether you have all glass that needs window washing or a concrete exterior that requires pressure washing, hiring somebody with the ideal tools to perform the job is a smart move.

For windows, washing the exterior of your lobby once a month retains the interior greeting area filled with unobstructed natural light. Visitors will have a positive experience upon entering a fresh entry area. For office windows, then you may just need cleaning for them a couple of times a year. The exception to this timing is if your office is close to a heavily traveled street. Pollution from passing cars can more quickly obscure your windows, necessitating more regular washings.

Pressure washing once or twice a year can suffice for typical office buildings. Pollution may increase the number of times you need exterior cleaning, even though, as can having a white building outside. White concrete or stucco can show dirt easier than darker colors and will need more frequent cleaning. Similarly, if you live in an area with elevated levels of contamination, the dirt in the air can settle onto your building, requiring cleanings once per year or more frequently.

  1. What Is an Effective Office Cleaning Program for Daily, Weekly, and Daily Utilization?

When choosing an office cleaning routine, you need to determine which regions of the building need attention daily, weekly, and monthly.

For daily cleaning, at the very least, you must have the restrooms cleaned. Additional chores could include vacuuming the lobby and other high-traffic locations, cleaning the lobby area by dusting and wiping down surfaces, cleaning out the microwave and kitchen counters, and emptying office trash bins.

A weekly office cleaning checklist should include whatever you don’t have done every day as well as wiping down surfaces throughout offices. You may request carpet cleaning in areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

Monthly cleaning services include deep cleaning that cleans the carpets, floors, upholstery, and drapes. You may also need to have your building’s exterior treated through pressure washing or window washing, at least on the ground floor. Upper levels may require less regular cleanings because visitors do not get a close view of these areas as they do the ground floor. The exterior of those upper floors does not get as dirty as the bottom floor since they sit farther from ground-level pollution.

  1. How Often Do Offices Need Deep Cleaning?

The frequency of deep cleanings depends on just how much use your workplace receives. For example, lightly trafficked offices where only employees enter the working spaces might just need deep cleanings of their carpets, drapes, upholstery, tile grout, and air ducts after every six months upward to once annually. Offices with a few visitors and employees may require quarterly deep cleanings. However, those workplaces with heavy traffic from visitors and employees will require deep cleaning at least once a month to reduce dirt, dust, and stain build-up.

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