Important Things to Know About School Janitorial Services

School Janitorial Services

Together with the continued belt-tightening required in both private and public colleges around the country, an increasing number of colleges are deciding to outsource their janitorial services. There are significant benefits to outsourcing:

  • Educators and support employees can keep their focus on the job of educating our kids.
  • Outsourcing school cleaning can add significant financial savings.
  • A clean school provides the best environment in which to learn.
  • Offload a lot of the management tasks about cleaning a school to an outside company that has this as its focus.

Save Money & Time

A professional school janitorial company like Janitorial Services is experienced and competent to handle each of the incidentals involved in keeping your school clean. As an example, your school janitorial company procures cleaning products and supplies at cost. Similarly, a professional outside janitorial company will handle hiring, background checks, and payroll for you. You do not have to worry that you or your employees may miss a significant part in the process which will return to haunt you afterward. A reputable, professional school janitorial service is well informed on how to qualify and background checks employees to make certain that to have the ideal people managing your school. Likewise, with many programs on the line in both private and public schools, the money you save on outsourcing your school cleaning can be redirected at crucial programs that may be on the chopping block or for other vital classroom needs.

Get Responsive, Flexible & Expert School Cleaning Services

When working with kids, the only real thing predictable is the unpredictable will make happen. A school cleaning company that offers a fast response time can help you cope with unexpected issues instantly. A highly regarded school janitorial service may work hard to earn your business and probably offer responsiveness that’s hard to get when you go it alone. With Fort Worth commercial cleaning services, for example, we supply a 10-Minute Response Guarantee to be sure we supply the kind of responsiveness busy schools need.

The right school janitorial services can offer you a high level of flexibility and experience. School cleaning like any other business requires competent and well-trained workers. Outsourcing school janitorial services can ensure that custodial employees have undergone rigorous background checks and are well trained in their field, trustworthy, and dependable.

School cleaning is fraught with the ebb and flow of minutes. Peak times like the end of the year or preparing to open the doors for the new school years can require more preparation than a day to day operations. Likewise, parent nights and important events such as graduation can use extra prep and post-event clean up. By outsourcing your college janitorial services, you may freely adjust the number of people in your janitorial staff as needed, paying only for what you need, if you require it.

To Find the Right School Janitorial Services, You Must Do Your Homework

Homework is not only for the kids, right? A little homework up front can save you money, time, and headaches down the road. Not all cleaning companies operate on the same level. The reality is that just like education, with school cleaning the longer you do it, the longer you know. An organization that’s been in operation for more than five minutes, has probably already worked out the kinks and has practiced in place to avoid lots of the issues that plague a brand new janitorial supplier or other cleaning businesses with less experience. When looking for a business to outsource your college cleaning, consider the following important factors.

  • Do they regularly take on school and custodial accounts?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What is their process for finding & vetting new employees?
  • Do they have an established ecological policy?
  • Can they have customer testimonials?
  • Can they have a proven system to give you accurate pricing details?

New Is Not Always Better

A long-standing and well-established Janitorial service company will offer a level of service, professionalism, and responsiveness that you need in a private or public school environment. No one wants to be the school that a newly established janitorial “cuts their teeth” on. It’s always sensible to choose a reputable company that’s years of support under its belt. The more time you do something, the better you get at it and a new company simply does not possess the expertise to forecast problems and discover the best people. An established school cleaning company that has handled many school accounts is considerably more likely to have all the right boxes checked. An expert janitorial service will be insured, certified, and also have a clear and organized support plan.

Why Proper Backgrounds Checks Are Critical

Quite simply, kids. In any private school or public school, the safety of our children is paramount. Any people allowed to be on campus must be thoroughly vetted and have passed extensive background checks. Our children and staff deserve nothing less. Many companies don’t spend the time and attempt to fulfill this critical element. Background checks including things like criminal history checks, employment verification, and personality testing are all vital to the safety of your student body. Any school cleaning business or janitorial service which isn’t doing these things is placing you, your students, and employees at unnecessary risk.

Environmental Safety Can’t Be an Empty Buzzword at School Cleaning

Janitorial work involves the use of numerous chemicals. With today’s advanced cleaning technology, more schools are choosing to go with janitorial companies that offer green cleaning to reduce student and staff exposure to harmful substances. But frequently, green cleaning is an empty sales pitch with no teeth to it. A respectable school cleaning company needs to be able to show you exactly what green cleaning means of them. Maybe they have green cleaning certificates or even a thorough green cleaning practice process that goes beyond buying a few “green” cleaning products. It’s your right and responsibility to ask a potential school custodial company to show you just how dedicated they would be to green cleaning. For the health of your student body and the environment, you are wise to pick a janitorial company with a proven environmental policy.

Great Janitorial Cleaning Service Companies Rely On Systems

Like any other industry, in janitorial services, there are problems going to come up and regions of improvement that will need to be dealt with. A recognized and professional janitorial services firm works to anticipate these issues before you do. A school custodial firm with a solid track record has systems in place that help them keep things running smoothly where they function.

At Janitorial Services, for example, we’ve got several systems in place that help us ensure we deliver a high level of service day after day. We worked hard to make your business and we will keep working hard to maintain it. We understand you have choices and we continually try to be the best one of your options. Where it can handle all your cleaning requirements, from daily office or school cleaning to the weekly office or school cleaning and everything in-between, Janitorial Services offers services at every place with the latest cleaning products, equipment, and methods, while offering competitive pricing. With the help of Janitorial Services, you can be free from cleaning and keeping hygiene.

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