Know How White Glove Moving Services Differ From Regular Movers

White Glove Moving Services

When it comes to hiring a mover, you are thorough. You have done enough research to find out that you need good moving insurance. Also, you are familiar with checking for DOT registration. We are the right choice for you. (Welcome!) We’re glad you are familiar with White Glove Moving. We are here to help. Here’s how White Glove Moving Services is different from regular moving packages.

Silent Moving Experience

The sound of packing tape is sometimes likened to the tapping of nails on a chalkboard. You might be able to stay in one room if you are busy with your day and don’t mind moving around. White-Glove services may be the best choice if you prefer peace for your own sake or that of your neighbors.

Our regular moving teams try to be quiet. Our White Glove teams have headsets that enable them to communicate quietly and easily from one room to the next. They can coordinate and execute your move much more efficiently. You will also save hours listening to the boxes being sealed.

Discreet Service for Luxury Buildings

You might have to follow strict rules if you live in a luxurious building. For every move, we book, we will issue a Certificate of Insurance (COI). However, our White Glove movers can go a step further. Our team of experts is familiar with the details and requirements of moving into or out of luxury buildings. We will help you secure elevator permits and provide the COI to your building.

Luxury packaging materials

Our standard packing materials have been selected with years of experience. Only the best packing materials are recommended for luxury items such as high-value artwork and custom furniture. White-Glove Services uses double-layered moving boxes to make sure your belongings are safe. To protect your furniture, the moving blankets are thicker and more durable. Dust covers can also be used to protect your belongings. You can start your new life in your home clean and fresh!

All items are then transported in our climate-controlled trucks. Your belongings will not be damaged by the hottest day or coldest winds. This is especially true for electronic, artwork, and wooden furniture.

Highly skilled in packaging and crating high-end artwork and items

Our movers are fully trained to safely and efficiently complete a move. Some movers are skilled in specific areas. You will need custom crating if you have an extensive collection of antique, custom, and fine art or a few unusually shaped statues. Our team can handle any project, no matter how big or small. To keep your home quiet, our movers will measure your property and build the crate.

Custom moving plans, all mapped out

We understand that planning is important and time is valuable. Your Moving Specialist will help determine which services you require on your moving day, regardless of the method you choose. White-Glove services will give you an extra level of planning. The moving crew will create a plan for each room and identify any items that require special handling.

Your movers will need to know where each item is located on the floor plan of your new home. Your move plan will also include details such as furniture assembly and Wifi. We will take every step to make your move day as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Are you unsure which type of moving service is best for your needs? Our Moving Specialists are available to assist you! Quickly and easily receive a moving quote.

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