Know More about How to Select the Best Art Handler

Best Art Handler

Modern art is fragile and requires extra care when shipping. Many of these items are made from glass or other fragile materials and require extra care. Many owners of these precious artworks have difficulty finding professional shipping companies that understand the importance and complexity of art handling. You need to be sure that your art will arrive in good condition, regardless of whether you are an artist, collector, or buyer. You should choose a professional shipping company if you plan fine art crating and shipping. Most local movers don’t know how complex it is to move modern art.

Art handling companies specialize in the transportation of artworks and dealing with museums and galleries. They are equipped with specially trained staff, trucks that can transport artwork and storage spaces. Many art handlers have been artists or worked in galleries and museums. These specialists can combine their skills with the art handling tools and equipment to create a team that surpasses regular movers. They are skilled in handling art and solving problems. They can be vital to protect your work. Interview the shipper to learn how your work will be handled.

You know how critical it is to properly care for valuable art and other treasured artifacts. A small scratch or bump can cause a significant drop in its value, so it is vital to find the best art handlers.

There are so many choices, how do you know where to start? Although you could ask your family and friends, their experience is limited and may not be as relevant to your situation. Your concerns may also differ from theirs. It is more challenging to transport a replica than the original. Large, oblong or heavy artifacts can be much more difficult to move than smaller pieces that are easily packed in a small box.

These are some things you should consider when choosing an art handler.

  1. Are they ready?

Art handlers who have experience know that every piece of art needs special boxes. These boxes are made for the purpose and can be customized for each piece. It doesn’t matter if the art is a large canvas, a statue or a large painting, its weight, dimensions and material all play an essential role in art transport. Experienced art handlers will be able to answer these questions before they even step foot inside your home. We can tell you that transporting art is not something you can do on the spot. If you don’t ask the right questions upfront about your art, chances are they won’t show up at all.

  1. What type of storage does the company have?

Fine art shippers are well aware that a valuable piece of fine art may have to be stored before it can be moved or sold. It doesn’t matter if the piece is moving to a gallery or residence, delivery can be days away. Therefore, it’s a bad idea to store valuable art in a truck bed or a temporary storage space for too long. You should also ensure that your art handler can properly store it, regardless of how long they have it. Art is much more fragile than other items shipped around the country and the world. You can rest assured that your art is safe from any harmful effects. There are many ways that your art could be damaged or destroyed during transport or storage.

  1. Are they able to itemize and account?

A competent art handler, unlike traditional movers who simply load everything onto a truck and unload it at the destination, will document and itemize every piece of your goods and provide you with a complete list, including dates, photos, valuations and documentation of pre-existing damage. It might seem like everything is for you. However, all documentation and paperwork are there to provide a chain of custody for your goods and allow you to see exactly what happened between pick-up or drop-off.

The white-glove service helped many art pieces to be safely shipped and stored by individuals, companies, and organizations. We have three pillars: care, handling, and expertise. We are a global leader in white-glove logistics, storage, and shipping. Our staff is available to help you wherever your art takes you, across the state or around the globe.

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