Know These Differences Between Air Scrubber Vs. Air Purifier

Air Scrubber Vs. Air Purifier

An Air scrubber is an adjective that refers to an industrial air purification device that removes particles or gases from the air. It is used to remove gas emissions and industrial exhaust streams. One example is the removal of sulfur in an exhaust system from a power station.

The History of Air Scrubbers

The scrubber is a term that refers to the use of liquid to remove pollutants from the air. The air is cleaned of any unwanted pollutants. This type of cleaning uses a liquid to spray the air. Water is often used as the scrubber liquid in wet scrubbers. Another type of scrubber is the dry scrubber. This uses fabric or a mechanical filter to clean the air. A HEPA filter or carbon filter is one example.

An air scrubber is usually used to remove gases. An air scrubber was first used to remove carbon dioxide from the air. This same system is also used in submarines as a key air filter system.

There are differences between air scrubbers and purifiers

An air purifier is a type that uses a filter to clean the air. This is in contrast to an air scrubber. The HEPA filter is the most popular type of air purifier. Electrostatic plates, which use electric charges to attract particles onto metal plates within the purifier, are another type. Some ozone generators are used to remove cigarette smoke from commercial spaces.

A commercial air purifier can be used for the removal of particulates and gases in industrial and commercial applications. A cleanroom is an example of a room that needs the most effective air filtration. Also, industrial air purifiers can be found in factories, offices, museums, and hotels. These jobs include mold removal, restoration, oil mist eliminators, and flue-gas removal. They also maintain an indoor environment within strict tolerances to protect the artwork.

Air purifiers are commercially available with high levels of activated carbon, or other gas phase media. They can be used to absorb gases such as cigarette smoke. They can also be used to remove vapors from nail salons or printing, as well as containment units and other functions.

The area of light commercial purifiers is where there is overlap. These products are sometimes called portable air scrubbers. An air scrubber, in this instance, is more like an indoor air cleaner. It can clean indoor air in larger spaces. They are also known as smoke eaters if they are used to remove smoking. To remove any unpleasant odors from a room, a smoke-eater might use technology such as ozone.

These commercial air scrubbers are typically more expensive than your average home purifier. These systems are built for industrial use and are therefore more durable. An air scrubber can sometimes be rented for a specific task, such as mold remediation. These air scrubbers are small and have inexpensive filters that can be easily rented. We also provide these air scrubber rentals.

HEPA Air Scrubbers

True HEPA filters are required if you want to remove fine particles from the air, such as mold spores and pollen. HEPA filters can remove particulate matter, but they cannot remove odors. HEPA filters can remove particles from cigarette smoke but not related gases or smells.

HEPA air scrubbers have a challenge in getting enough air through their bank of filters. High-efficiency filters have higher airflow resistance. This resistance is also known as pressure drop. A dedicated fan, such as a portable air purifier, is required to move enough air. A booster fan is also needed in an HVAC system. This is because forced-air heating or HVAC systems are not intended to move air through dense air filters. These filters are usually designed to remove large particles of matter to protect the HVAC system. These filters are not often designed to control indoor air pollution.

A HEPA air scrubber can be used in office buildings along with germicidal ultraviolet light to stop mold growth. UV-C light can be used to disinfect air ducts and prevent mold growth. This is crucial for indoor air quality. Large buildings are at risk for Legionnaires Disease.

What is a negative air machine?

A negative air machine causes a negative pressure in a space so that air can flow into a specific room and stay there. This is done to prevent contaminated air from leaving a room. This is based on the principle that air naturally flows between high and low-pressure areas.

Remove Smoke and Odor

An air scrubber can be used to remove smoke and odors from a room in several ways.

  • If your HVAC system is connected, ventilation can be used. Fresh air can be brought in from outside to improve indoor air quality.
  • Another option is to use a positive air machine. The negative pressure system removes air pollution by using ducting that is often connected to the outside. This creates negative pressure in the area being treated so that air contaminants are constrained to one area and ventilated away.
  • Carbon air scrubbers eliminate smoke and odors by using materials that absorb these gases. These materials include granular activated charcoal, alumina, and potassium permanganate. These air purifiers provide cleaner air in more square footage than a typical room air purifier.
  • An ozone generator is another alternative. Ozone can cause serious lung irritations so these devices should only be used for commercial purposes. Because of its harmful effects on our lungs, ozone should not be used around pets or people. Ozone can be used to remove smoke or odors that cannot otherwise be removed.

Can air scrubbers be used to remove mold?

As long as the air scrubber has a HEPA filter and sufficient airflow, it can remove mold spores. While many air scrubbers can be used for gas removal, a true HEPA purifier is better for mold removal.

Do air scrubbers produce ozone?

Most do not. It is vital to ensure that no ozone is created in any living area. Ozone generators should be avoided as they can cause serious lung irritation.

What’s the purpose of an air scrubber?

An industrial space may have gas emissions that need to be removed by an air scrubber. They can also be used in commercial spaces to remove gases, chemicals, and smoke from the air.

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