Know These Things Before Selecting Commercial Door Mats For Your Business

Commercial Door Mats

To maximize customer experience and maximize commercial results, the design and layout of a business must be carefully considered. Many stores around the world are designed in a way that makes it easier for customers to spend more time at their businesses. Similar creative solutions are required for your business to be recognized. Our custom commercial door mats will help you show off your business!

Rebranding the office using commercial entrance mats

Customers will remember your business by creating a consistent image with branding, logos, and consistent colors. There are many ways to do this, but a commercial entrance mat can make your business look professional and consistent. To raise brand awareness, why not make use of the unutilized space on the floor?

Our commercial entrance mats also protect your floors and help you save on cleaning costs! There are many options when it comes to custom floor mats. We have compiled some key points to help you make your decision.

This guide will help you determine the right personalized floor mats for your business. We have taken care of every detail so that you don’t need to.

1) Do you want to use outside or inside mats for your doors?

An outdoor commercial entrance mat is a great way to draw attention to your store, whether it’s on the main street or in a narrow lane. A commercial outdoor entrance mat can be used to help customers locate your business in difficult-to-find locations. Or, a unique entrance mat at the store’s threshold can convert pedestrians into customers.

If you wish to make your store’s location more visible with outdoor door mats, consider the size and color of the custom-made floor mat. While a large, colorful mat can attract attention, a smaller mat will be more effective in pointing out your store’s location. They can also accommodate any color and design.

Outdoor Commercial Entrance Matting Materials

Weatherproof outdoor mats are also required. We offer multiple options for weather-resistant custom commercial mats, including our heavy-duty Logo Mat (which can double up as an indoor mat for a change of scenery!) and our Outdoor Rubber Logo Mats. Our custom outdoor commercial mats can withstand bad weather, dirt footprints, and being broken over time. No matter the weather, our mats are ready to welcome your customers!

Indoor Commercial Entrance Mats

Custom commercial mats indoors are also a great way to create a professional atmosphere and increase brand awareness. A branded mat can be the first thing that customers see when they enter a commercial store. These commercial entrance mats can be customized to fit your branding requirements.

2) Design, size, and layout

Floor mats with large logos and floor mats that are large are great for drawing attention. However, smaller logos and floor mats can be used to create a professional environment. Think about the personality of your brand. Is your brand more casual and playful or more professional and formal? Your customizable logo mat can enhance the unique qualities of your business and communicate these to customers by its design, size, and placement.

A minimalist design for a boutique homeware shop might be used to promote luxury and simplicity. However, a larger design may be used to communicate a joy to children’s pottery workshops.

Your floor mat design, size, and color can all enhance your brand’s identity. You can get free artwork visuals to help you perfect your design and ensure you get exactly what you want.

3) Commercial Mat Materials

To determine the right material for commercial floor mats, consider the climate and the location of your business. Are you near the beach where pebbles and sand can be tracked into your business?

You may want to select a floor mat that can trap this debris designed to brush tough dirt and grit from the bottoms of shoes, or an outdoor logo mat, whose heavy pile is designed to keep debris out.

Do you live near a park where mud can be tracked during the rainy season? The Outdoor Logo Mats trap dirt and moisture easily and can be washed. Alternatively, our waterproof Rubber Outdoor Logo Mats scrape heavy dirt from shoes with their specially molded cleats.

Your business might be a beer garden and your customers require all the traction possible! The non-slip Outdoor Rubber Logo Mat and Outdoor Mat are great options for slippery floors or clumsy customers. These mats can double as dirt and debris barriers to help staff get in and out of the office.


To maximize the branding potential of your custom commercial mats, there are several things you should consider. This guide will help you create a floor mat that not only welcomes customers but also enhances your business goals.

To summarize, determining the best place for your commercial mat is essential. An outdoor mat will draw attention while an indoor mat will welcome customers. Your brand’s personality and branding can be enhanced by your custom-made floor mat. The climate and location of your store will also influence the material you use to make your custom mat.

These seem like too many considerations. But our experts are here to help you! Our team will work with you to create the perfect floor mat. This gives you the opportunity to optimize your floor mat. We are also available to offer advice on the best materials and floor mat sizes.

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