Points To Consider When Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment

Used Restaurant Equipment

It can be difficult and costly to open a restaurant by yourself. It’s obvious. You have chosen a place, paid a downpayment, and decorated it inside and outside. What’s next?

You will need to fill it up with the equipment you actually use to cook. Leasing equipment is an option for most businesses.

However, purchasing restaurant equipment usually makes more financial sense.

You should always try to save money, so buying used equipment should be an option. It would be wonderful to have brand-new equipment, but it’s not feasible when you consider the budget of independent restaurateurs.

It is a great alternative to buying new restaurant equipment. It might be a little scratchy, but it is still a great option for any budding restaurant owner.

These are some of the options you should be looking for when beginning your search.

Used Restaurant Supply Stores

There is a good chance there will be a used supply store for restaurants if you live near one. You can get to know the people who work thereby getting to know them.

It’s possible to establish a relationship with people at the store if you live far from it. You can tell them what equipment and supplies are you looking for and ask them to contact you if they have any.

Make sure you take the time to inspect the equipment before buying. You never know what the condition is.

Selling out of business

Because the restaurant industry is difficult, one restaurant’s misfortune could be your blessing. Many restaurant owners are discouraged and want to sell their equipment to make more money.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to keep an eye on the performance of local eateries. Contact the owner of a local coffee shop, burger joint, or restaurant to see if you can buy their equipment.

This is a great way to buy virtually new equipment at a very affordable price, and it’s also a great way to hire new employees!


Restaurant owners that go out of business don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling their equipment themselves sometimes do not want to. Sometimes, these restaurant owners will turn to auction houses to buy their equipment.

Although it might not be the most profitable, it is certainly faster and less stressful. This is also good news for you.

Before selling equipment, auction houses will make sure that the equipment is thoroughly evaluated. Because of the price of the equipment, they are required to do so.

Although it may be more expensive to buy equipment from auctions than directly from the restaurant owners, you will have peace of mind knowing what the equipment is like.

These evaluations are also a great way to bid online on items that are being sold all over the country, without actually having to see them in person.

Damaged/Discontinued Equipment

If you buy damaged or discontinued equipment you technically are buying new but are paying used prices. You can also check out restaurants that sell equipment.

Equipment often arrives at these retailers already damaged. Sometimes the equipment arrives damaged or scratched. Other times they receive discontinued equipment that is no longer available in retail. Most of the time, however, all equipment is new and fully functional.

For a discount price, you get name-brand items with minor, almost undetectable faults. You’ll also get a warranty with this purchase.

Storage locker auctions

Many restaurants rent storage lockers to store equipment that they don’t use. These restaurants can close at times and then the renters stop paying the storage locker rental fees. After that, the lockers are sold off.

Most people have seen “Storage Wars” television shows so it’s not difficult to understand how it works. If you’re going to try this route, make sure to stick with the equipment for restaurants. Bid on equipment that you can use if you see it in a locker. Do not get too excited bidding on items that aren’t related to restaurant equipment.

You’ll find a locker containing offshoot equipment at many of these events. You should ensure you have enough money on hand to purchase the equipment when it comes up.

Garage Sales

Although you won’t be able to find restaurant-specific equipment at garage sales, you will be able to find some. A garage sale is a great option if you are looking for new computers for your office.

You should make sure you check your local newspapers and online ads regularly to find out if garage sales are taking place in your area. The ads will often mention that there will be lots of office equipment for sale to ensure that potential buyers are able to find it.

Resale Stores

You can always look into resale shops if you don’t need an item of equipment that is state-of-the-art. These are often non-profit resellers. These organizations are often run by restaurants, hotels, and retailers who donate their equipment to them. The resale shops then sell it.

You can find tables and chairs there, but it doesn’t have to be brand new or modern. It’s a win-win deal – equipment is cheap, and money goes to those in need.

Friendly Restaurateurs

It is significant to get to know the owners of local restaurants and make friends. You never know when they may be looking to upgrade their equipment or sell their existing inventory.

You can do this in both directions. Let your friends running local restaurants know that you plan to get rid of old equipment in order to make way for newer equipment.

This allows them to purchase the equipment at a fraction of the cost.


When it comes to purchasing used restaurant equipment, the best advice is to ensure that you don’t leave any stone unturned. Sometimes the best deals are not always the easiest to find.

You can look at the many options for purchasing used equipment and also learn about selling it. This will be a great resource that you can use down the road.

When opening a restaurant, there are many things to consider financially. You will need to budget for rent and wages, as well as market your restaurant.

It is important to save wherever possible. Buying used equipment rather than buying new or leasing is a great way to start saving.

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