The Complete Guide to Pizza Equipment Checklist

Pizza Equipment

Your company must have the correct equipment and resources which can weather the pressures of everyday usage and attend to your clients’ every need.

Pizza Mixers To Make The Perfect Dough

Commercial pizza mixers are designed to produce a consistent source of bread and other important ingredients for the pizzeria.

They are standard with big mixing bowls along with a choice of utensils and attachments to maintain and knead bulks of components all at one time.

There are two types of mixers that you can choose from spiral and planetary each having unique advantages which we get into detail under.

Spiral Mixer

A spiral mixer has a bowl that rotates around the spinning spiral dough hook to knead portions of the dough for some time. This creates less heat and friction leading to a more homogeneous mixture.

Planetary Mixer

Pizzerias large and small will benefit from having a planetary mixer in their kitchen due to the flexibility they can receive in one unit. Planetary mixers have a rotational movement in the same manner planets go around sunlight, which inspired the nomenclature.

The Proper Oven To Bake The Ideal Pizza

The most common ovens used in pizzerias are deck ovens, conveyor ovens, and kitchen ovens. Your choice will all come down to the volume and speed you want to function and the type of pizza you’ll be offering.

Conveyor Oven

Conveyor ovens minimize labor and cook relatively quickly. That is exactly what you need for quick-service and grab-and-go establishments with higher manufacturing demand. Speed and temperatures can be put so operators can cook similar items at a quicker rate with minimal observation.

Conveyor ovens are stackable so you can increase your output at the same cubic space. There are also split belts that include multiple sizes so that you can cook different kinds of pizzas and other food items like sandwiches or fries at several rates.

Pizza Deck Oven

Pizza deck ovens are utilized for cooking the perfect gourmet pizza. They could create the traditional thin crust pizza and also will help you capture that timeless authentic experience that clients will be inclined to cover.

With more preheating and cooking periods, this oven type is unsuitable for rapid operations and rush hours. They are more labor-intensive as well because your staff members need to monitor and manually rotate the pizza consistently. Some manufacturers solve this dilemma by incorporating a rotating deck.

Brick/Dome Oven

Brick and toaster ovens are very much like pizza deck ovens. The distinction is that they only come with a single cooking platform that is big enough for as many as 12 pizzas at one time. Preheat time is a bit over one hour, but they can maintain high temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and may produce completely cooked pies in 90 minutes.

These units may either be wood-fired or gas-fired. The wood-fired taste is literally what defines the unequivocal pizza experience. This type of brick oven includes a vintage quality to it that can add a little bit of flair and drama to the pizza cooking event.

High-Speed Oven

High-speed ovens are not necessarily tailor-made for pizza production, but they can do wonders in your output.

These units generally combine multiple heat transport methods including microwave, convection, radiant heating, and air impingement to shorten the cooking time.

Prep Tables To Assemble The Pizza

Pizza Prep Table

Commercial pizza preparation tables combine prep and storage areas in a single convenient location for a streamlined pizza assembly procedure. These units have a top and bottom compartment.

Pizza prep tables comprise a wide cutting board kept close to the refrigerated pans so your chef can achieve the components they want with little effort. The larger cutting board provides your staff with a spacious surface area to assemble all dimensions of pizzas.

Refrigerated bases for all these prep tables normally have a single part or up to four separate compartments. Doors, drawers, and a blend of each type are offered.

Dough Equipment To Store And Manage Dough Supply

Dough Box

Proofing your dough correctly is a crucial step in perfecting the feel and flavor of your pizza. Dough boxes assist with this by providing a sanitary area to proof your dough and permit it to grow by helping achieve the ideal humidity it needs to ferment.

Dough boxes can accommodate several dough balls while dough pans are sized to get one. These items come in different materials with plastic and ceramic as the popular and functional ones. Some pizzerias prefer using sheet pans.

Dough Docker

Also known as a rolling docker, a dough docker is a utensil that appears very much like a rolling pin having spikes. It features blunt tips that are run carefully across the dough to poke tiny holes and seal the top and underside of the dough together.

Proofing Cabinet

Created with either aluminum or stainless steel, a proofing cabinet is a warming chamber that presents a more controlled environment to manipulate and accelerate the fermentation of your dough. It allows operators to locate the warm weather so that the dough should ferment the yeast and rise faster.

Proofing cabinets utilize a glass or solid door to hide the dough. The former provides better insulation, quicker heat recovery times, and therefore is generally the energy-efficient choice.

Dough Retarder

It allows operators to prepare large batches of dough for use on a specific program but also allows them to achieve more complicated tastes in their dough. Retarders arrive in either single or double parts. Some units have both retarding and proofing capabilities as well.

Dough Divider and Rounder

This machine may split and round a large quantity of dough into a uniform shape, saving you tons of time and labor expenditures. There are automatic and manual units which are usually the counter size. Dough dividers also arrive as standalone machines.

Pizza Press or Dough Sheeter

A pizza medium is a machine that flattens the dough evenly into a crust silhouette without having to stretch it by hand. The machine includes a plate where the dough ball is placed. Components can use a hot or cold press depending on the type of crust you are going for. The latter is great for thick crust or deep-dish pizzas whereas the former could generate a fried-bottom pizza crust.

Dough sheeters work a little differently. Here, the dual has to be slightly pressed by operators to get a flatter shape before running it between the rollers of the system.

Efficient Refrigeration To Keep The Pizza Operation Fresh

Walk-In Cooler and Freezer

Walk-in coolers and freezers are used as the central storage-the first stop for your ingredients until they are moved to the standard reach-ins wherever your staff readily retrieve them from.

Reach-In Refrigerator and Freezer

Reach-ins normally come with easy-to-adjust cable shelving while the doors are solid for improved insulation or glass, which allows for product visibility as well as merchandising in front-of-the-house use. Half-door units split a single door into two distinct sections to limit energy consumption and heat loss.

More Specialized Equipment To Expand Your Pizza Menu

Sandwich/Salad Preparation Refrigerator

Sandwich or salad prep refrigerators supply a workstation for preparing deli items you have available. They are extremely similar to pizza prep tables except for the size of the leading board as well as the food pans.

Pasta Cooker

Pasta cookers are excellent to have to add variety to your menu. These units include a massive water vat to boil large quantities of spaghetti and other pasta all at one time. They can heat and hold water for quick cooking with either electricity or gas.


Commercial fryers ensure you provide the tastiest and crispiest fried sides and appetizers your ovens wouldn’t have the ability to provide you with. Commercial fryers are designed for a high output of fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and similar food items.

Heated Displays To Showcase Your Creations

Heated Merchandiser

These units come in horizontal and vertical layouts in a variety of sizes.

Heated Cabinet

Also called holding cabinets, heated closets are used behind the scenes that will assist you to prepare for the busiest period of the day. You can place pizzas cooked beforehand in these units so that they are always in sexy and ready-to-serve condition.

Beverage Equipment To Keep Clients Refreshed

  • Beverage Dispenser
  • Ice Machine and Water Heater
  • Beer Dispenser

Preparation Supplies To Break Down Ingredients

  • Vegetable Processor
  • Blender
  • Cheese Grater
  • French Fry Cutter
  • Cheese Slicer and Cheese Cutter
  • Meet Press
  • Meat Slicer
  • Salad Dryer/Spinner
  • Pasta Machine
  • Wire Rack

Smallwares To Accomplish Specific Cooking And Serving Tasks

These commercial restaurant equipment are the tools you will use each day to maintain your pizzeria running. It is one thing to prepare the pizza; it’s another to be able to serve it so that your customers are going to be able to enjoy every bite of it if they’re taking it home or dining in. A diner’s comfort and convenience will be as crucial to your pizzeria as a perfect menu.

Serving Supplies

Serving trays and baskets are either plastic or stainless steel and are utilized to deliver your flavorful creations to your hungry clients complete with sauce cups and cheese shakers to maintain extra cheese on a faucet.

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