The Drainage Mats For Outdoor Commercial Premises

Drainage Mats

This is what you can imagine. This is an elegant entrance to your office. You have a great office entrance. Your first impressions are great. Imagine muddy, watery footprints and water puddles on reception area floors. It does not look professional. There is nothing that can ruin your beautifully designed entrance, lobby, or reception area more than muddy footprints and puddles. It will influence the perception people to have about your company. But it can also be dangerous. Unattended water on floors can cause slips and falls.

This can lead to injury and even lawsuits. This is not something any professional company would wish to find itself in.

These unfortunate situations can be avoided with the right mat selection.

Water often follows people into buildings on their shoes, particularly in rainy areas. It would be great if most of the water could be tapped and drained away before it enters your premises. This would greatly reduce the amount of puddling and wet footprints that are left on your floors. Dry floors are safe and clean.

Outdoor drainage mats are the best for this job. These mats are made of heavy-duty, industrial-grade materials and are ideal for this job. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and high traffic, and they are easy to clean and maintain. A drainage mat can be described as having drainage holes or slots that allow water to drain from the surface. These drainage mats are great for rainy weather, but they also have many benefits, such as allowing dirt, mud, and other debris to pass through the drainage holes.

These outdoor mats can be used in many different areas of your facility.


When placed outside of the entrance, outdoor drainage mats will reduce the amount of dirt and water that enters the commercial premises. The mats’ edges lightly scratch the soles of the shoes.

After being swept, dirt, moisture, mud, and other debris fall through the drainage holes, they collect under the mat until it is cleaned up. Your interiors will remain clean because it doesn’t stay on the mat and can be picked up by other shoe soles. If your commercial premises are located in areas with rainy weather, drainage holes can be a great help. Drainage holes allow water to drain from the surface, rather than being carried indoors and collected on the floors.

Combining these mats with an indoor entrance mat will make them work well. It will remove any remaining moisture and scrape away any fine dust. Visitors will be more safe and clean with the indoor-outdoor system.

Swimming Pools

The pools are filled with water, naturally! People splash around in the pools, jumping in, and splashing about. People are at risk of falling, slipping, and injuring themself when water forms puddles.

This is a risk to all but becomes more dangerous when there are children, seniors, and those who don’t know how to swim. Outdoor drainage mats can make slippery floors safer for everyone. Drainage holes allow water to drain away from the surface, and not build up and cause dangerously slippery surfaces.

You can make outdoor entrance mats from recycled rubber, nitrile rubber, or vinyl. You can choose to have drainage holes, grids, or webs. These mats allow water to drain from the surface. Many outdoor drainage mats have carpeted inserts. This is part of the design, which exudes elegance and sophistication. However, they also serve the purpose of wiping out shoe soles to remove as much water as possible before people go indoors.

Standard size drainage mats are great for cities that don’t get much rain. These mats are used to clean soles and remove dirt and dust. If you need to cover walkways or boardwalks, drainage mats can be ordered in longer sizes. Drainage rubber mats work better when cart traffic is involved. They are more flexible, bouncy, and can withstand the pressure of wheel tires. Drainage mats may have beveled edges to prevent tripping hazards.

Other uses

There are many indoor uses for drainage mats.

  • Kitchens – In an area where there is so much butter, fat, sauces, and juices, drainage kitchen mats with grease-resistant and anti-fatigue properties are a boon.
  • Showers – A rubber mat with drainage holes that allows water to drain, ensuring safety in shower areas.
  • Saunas & Steam rooms: Because of their humid atmosphere and poor visibility, saunas & steam rooms could benefit from drainage mats to prevent slip hazards.
  • Workshops – Engine oils, grease, and motor fluids are no longer allowed to create slippery, dangerous surfaces. Drainage mats provide safety.
  • Factory assembly line: Drainage mats are a great option for manufacturing lines that use oils, fluids, or food. Rubber anti-fatigue drainage mats reduce fatigue from long hours standing for employees.

You are looking for drainage mats to use door mats outside like in a restaurant, warehouse, factory, shop, industrial premises, gym, or pool area.

There are many styles and thicknesses of rubber runner mats that we offer for indoor and outdoor use. We will assist you in finding the right solution with our customer service team.

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