The Energy Efficient Roofing Materials

Energy Efficient Roofing Materials

When talking about becoming green, saving the planet, and also saving a bit of money on the power bill, we tend to think of the little things we can do to assist.

Make sure the lights are off if we’re not using them, place the refrigerator at a reasonable temperature (and close the door), switch off the TV as it is not being watched, unplug appliances you don’t use that often, turn off the microwave switch after work is done, etc..

But it’s easy to overlook that via some simple roofing changes, we can vastly reduce our bills and save energy on heating and cooling systems, the real power-vampires draining away our paycheck.


But what kind of roofing materials and roof system should a homeowner be looking for when they’re considering sustainability and green roofing (as well as saving a few dollars on your electricity bill)?

Luckily, there are a couple of alternatives for several budgets. Let’s dive in, shall we?


The expression “green roof” doesn’t just mean “roofing that is great for the environment” It refers especially to covering a roof (in part or whole) with vegetation and plant cover.

This isn’t generally used to get a traditional slope-roofed detached house. Instead, a green roof is best used with flat roofs using some sort of lip — the kind most commonly seen in commercial buildings.

For company owners or employees who want to suggest a cost-cutting step to some higher-up, consider green roofing. A garden planted on the roof not only saves money on electricity and retains the building naturally cooler, in addition, but it could also provide workers with a stress-reducing location to hang out for lunches and breaks.

Plus, its sustainability means that if more roof coverage is needed, it is possible to simply grow more plants!


A cool roof is a roof that naturally repels sunlight on its own, thereby reducing the demand for air conditioning.

There are a couple of types of cool roofs. The first is “reflective,” and uses shiny, mirror-like substances to redirect the lighting (and thus the heat) away from a house.

There are often made from metal shingles, frequently steel, that appear to be ordinary clay shingles. These metal shingles also come in a large number of colors and styles, many of them made to mimic the look of items such as clay, jade, and rock.

The second kind only uses light-color substances to reduce light absorption from the roof.

Consider this: most houses and buildings possess black roofs. Black absorbs heat more than any other color. Ergo, a roof using a white or very light gray finish can make a massive gap in light absorption and refraction, which will make the house cooler over time.


We have all seen solar panels on the roofs of many homes and companies these days, and it can be time to consider sustainable roofing for any space.

As opposed to some of the other materials, solar panels reduce anyone’s power bill going and coming. While other solutions mentioned above keep some of the heat away, solar panels also turn that heat directly into electricity.

So, not only would a homeowner be spending on heating, but they are also spending less generally due to energy credits.


Replacing or strengthening the roof with solutions like green roofing, cool roofs, and solar panels can drastically reduce energy costs. You can install it by getting the help of a roofing company.

It can also provide an owner with a sense of pride and community knowing they have done everything they could to not only lower the energy usage of their area but that they have also made their own carbon footprint just a tiny bit smaller.

It can also provide an owner with a sense of pride and Community knowing they have done everything they can to not only lower the energy the use of themselves and their place but that they have also made their own carbon footprint just a little bit smaller. So, install now with help from a professional roofing company and save on your electricity bill.

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