The Most Common Commercial Sewing Applications

Commercial Sewing Applications

There are many uses for commercial sewing. There are many commercial sewing uses that you might not have thought of. We will be discussing some of the most popular uses for commercial sewing. Vinyl Technology, a commercial sewing provider, can help you quickly and efficiently find fuel bladders, PVC bags, or cargo bags as well as backpacks.

Fuel Bladders

The creation of fuel bladders is one of the most popular commercial sewing applications. Fuel bladders are used in many industries including aviation, marine, automotive, and others. The military also uses them. They are made of various materials including PVC, polyurethane, and urethane.

PVC Bags

PVC bags are another popular commercial sewing application. PVC (or polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic used to make a wide range of products. These include food packaging and medical tubing. PVC is well-known for its strength and resistance to chemicals. It is non-toxic and recyclable.

Cargo Bags

Commercial settings often use cargo bags to transport many items. These bags are usually made of heavy-duty materials like nylon and polyester. You can find a wide range of cargo bags in different sizes and shapes. Some even come with wheels to make them easier to transport.


Backpacks are another popular commercial sewing application. Students, hikers, and campers often use backpacks. These backpacks are often used by law enforcement and the military. Backpacks can be made of various materials such as nylon, polyester, or canvas.

Camping Gear

Commercial sewing can be used to make backpacks and other camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, and even tarps. Heavy-duty materials like nylon and canvas are often used to make camping gear. A commercial sewing company that is experienced in making high-quality camping gear is important.

Medical Products

You can also use commercial sewing to make a variety of medical products such as IV bags, catheters, and blood bags. Many medical products are made of PVC, urethane, or polyurethane. A commercial sewing company that is experienced in the creation of high-quality medical products is crucial.

Vehicle Soft Tops

Soft tops can also be made using commercial sewing. Vinyl, canvas, and polyester are all common materials used to make vehicle soft tops. These soft tops are used frequently on cars, trucks, and SUVs as well as boats. A rooftop tent is generally easier to put up than a hardtop.

Sports Equipment

You can also use commercial sewing to make a wide range of sports equipment like baseball gloves, hockey jerseys, and life vests. Many sports equipment can be made of various materials including leather, nylon, or polyester.

These are just some of the many commercial sewing uses. Deasil Custom Sewing Inc. provides Custom Industrial Sewing Services. We are premier Canadian apparel manufacturers with excellent customer focus and quality services. Our staff has hundreds of collective years of experience in the garment industry. We can provide an unsurpassed level of quality. We enjoy new challenges.

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