The Reasons to Use Mats in Grocery Stores

boot scraper mats

One of the extreme risks grocery and convenience stores face is oftentimes exact under your feet: slippery floors. In a study directed by the National Safety Council over 8 million annual emergency hospital visits result from slips and falls. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, these incidents also lead the country in workers’ compensation claims and rank as the second highest cause of accidental death.

A current study stated that there are approximately 37,000 grocery stores in the United States, visited by 32 million people or more than that every day, or about 900 visitors per store per day.

According to studies by ISSA, the global cleaning association, if 1,500 people walk into a facility in which no mats are set up, 42% of the floor finish will be worn off due to foot traffic. Assuming these numbers are correct, despite the best of care, which signifies the end on a grocery store floor will largely be removed in about four days, particularly in areas near entrances. And in all areas of the store, the end will likely be eliminated within a week or longer.

Grocery and convenience stores are especially susceptible to wet floors because of heavy foot traffic, spillage, and leaks from refrigerators. If an employee or customer happened to slip and injure themself while on your premises, your business could be held responsible.

This tells us why the installation of floor mats in grocery stores is indeed necessary. However, not any mat is going to do. When it comes to selecting floor mats to protect the flooring and floor finish in a grocery store, here are some things grocery store professionals ought to know:

  • Make sure that the mats are high-performance mats; a high-performance mat is typically bought and made & designed to last far longer and execute more efficiently than a rental mat.
  • Twenty feet of matting is recommended at each entrance area. This including five to ten feet of boot scraper mats, placed outside the retail facility entry; five to ten feet of wiper/scraper matting placed directly in the door, and five to ten feet of wiper mats positioned inside the store. Together, the 3 forms of mats operate like a system, catching soil and moisture and preventing them from being walked on the grocery store floor.
  • Many feet of inside matting should also be set up in aisles in the shop where spills are likely or where oil and moisture may build up on shoppers’ shoe bottoms. This helps protect the look of the floor and helps prevent slip and fall accidents.
  • Install matting between the back of the store along with the front of the store. This is all too often overlooked. But floors in the “back of the house” areas of a grocery store may get very soiled — dust, debris, packaging materials, and particulates, etc. – during the day. If mats are not installed in these regions, that soil is going to be walked into the front part of the store.

All these steps should help keep your grocery store floors clean, neat, and keep that high-gloss shine. Taking these steps should also do something else, grocery administrators will certainly appreciate, which is to keep your floor maintenance costs down.

Stripping and refinishing a store floor can be extremely expensive and is certainly not considered an environmentally friendly cleaning process. In some places of the nation, the slurry that develops when draining a floor should currently be treated as hazardous waste, which only increases the costs of refinishing a floor. Installing high-performance – bought – flooring mats are one of the cheapest and effective ways to keep grocery store flooring looking their best.

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