Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Retail Store Clean

Keeping Your Retail Store Clean

With summer approaching soon, your retail store is likely getting ready to provide some awesome sales. And with amazing sales come plenty of shoppers. Though this is great news for your company, the spike in foot traffic also means it is easier for your store to get dirty and messy. Everything we can do to improve the appeal of the shop to lure customers to stay helps employees and sales. Keeping up with your retail space is not just important for your clients, but also your workers who will have a far easier time remaining busy and caring for customers in an office they can be proud of.

As the Facilities person, it is your duty to make sure your retail shop is clean and well-maintained to create an ideal place to shop for customers and an ideal place to work for workers while being a shining example of your business and brand. But before you start feeling overwhelmed, there are a couple of key areas in your retail facility which, if properly cleaned and attended to, can keep your store sparkling and specialist. Strategize today and frequently clean and maintain these areas to save on costly repairs and maintenance down the road.

Listed below are the top 5 tips on How Best to maintain your retail store as clean as possible not only for the busy summer months ahead but all year round.

Keep floors clean and sparkling

The conditions of your flooring significantly contribute to the customers’ first impression of your retail store. If your floor or carpeting has unsightly stains or lingering dust, customers won’t need to stay or store, and might not return again. Worn and filthy carpeting or flooring is a certain sign that the facility requires more care than it’s getting, and maybe a detriment to a brand’s image as a whole. Keep your floors swept and mopped or vacuumed daily to make sure you start each day of the company new and to keep minor damages to a minimum to avoid expensive cleaning services and repairs later. If your retail center has carpeting, be sure that you are scheduling regular carpet cleanings to maintain your carpet’s requirements conditions. Commercial facilities such as retail shops with medium to heavy foot traffic should get professional carpet cleaning every six weeks. For laminates and other types of flooring, look into stripping and re-waxing every 6 months to a year. Regular floor maintenance, in conjunction with daily dusting and mopping or vacuuming, will continue to keep your floors and carpeting beautiful and allow your clients know you are confident in your product and brand.

Attend to your restrooms through the day

A key indicator of the overall cleanliness of almost any shop is the condition of the restrooms. If the restroom is untidy and unhygienic, customers will not just be unimpressed but are somewhat not as inclined to shop in the shop. A sanitized, well-maintained restroom is just another way you can guarantee that every detail of your retail facility is representative of your own brand. Ensure that the flooring of the restroom is tidy, the mirrors are spot-free, along with the sinks, hand-dryers, and bathrooms that are well-maintained. Create a schedule for your workers to check on the restrooms frequently throughout the day to ensure the trash is removed regularly, the facilities are clean, and that toilet supplies such as hand soap, toilet paper, toilet seat covers, and paper towels are always stocked. Or even better, hire professional commercial cleaning in Dallas TX to clean your store and maintain hygiene.

Dust shelves and displays daily

Any hard surfaces on your store, particularly tables and shelves, has to be dusted thoroughly. When you have customers coming and going every day, it can be easy for dust to collect on shelves and displays, which may create the products much less attractive to clients. Maintain the focus on the excellence of the retail shop’s products themselves by dusting and wiping down shelves and displays frequently. Let Allied Facility Care handle the hard-to-reach areas of your displays at night. Regular dusting will even help keep your retail facility free of rancid odors, which will just help create a more inviting shopping experience for the clients and a much healthier environment for your workers.

Keep entrance doors spotless

With so many clients entering and exiting every hour, it’s no real surprise that retail shops’ entrances may get dirty quickly. But a smudged or dirty glass door doesn’t deliver the message you want to potential customers as they walk by. Since your storefront door and entryway will be the first things your customers see when they approach your store, it is important that you take full advantage of this moment by keeping your entrance door and surrounding region absolutely pristine. Wipe off your entry door during the day with a streak-free window cleaner to be sure that you keep fingerprints, dust, dirt, and grime from getting in the way of a favorable first impression from your clients.

Spot clean walls and furniture

It’s easy to forget to maintain your walls Stain-free, particularly with so many different areas of your store that clients and employees come in contact with. But your walls aren’t impervious to the occasional smudge or scuff from a passing customer. Make sure your walls are kept clean and free of smudges, fingerprints, and marks to keep up with every aspect of your retail space. Regular spot cleaning will also help maintain the durability of your store’s paint job. This kind of focus also applies to a retail store’s furniture. If your store features seats, make sure that you look after these areas also by instantly spot cleaning stains and wiping down sofas and chairs regularly to prevent long-term damage. A professional commercial janitorial business can help to ensure every detail of your retail facility is regularly washed and sanitized, so you can focus on caring for your customers.

In Allied Facility Care, we offer professional floor cleaning, green cleaning, office cleaning, or janitorial to commercial buildings in the corporate, financial, hospitality, entertainment, educational, retail, and religious sectors. Our Expertly trained and guaranteed team members will try to keep your retail Facility clean and sanitized for every shopper that comes through your doorway and to provide a wholesome work environment for your workers. We also offer custom janitorial services so that you may get the most out of our specialist services. With the help of Allied Facility Care, you can be free from cleaning and maintaining your place. Contact us now and request a free quote.

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