What You Need to Do When You Locked Out of The House

Need to Do When You Locked Out

So you locked yourself out of your house — do not panic!

As a local locksmith in the highly populated Texas area, we have worked with tens of thousands of people that were locked from a house, which is exactly why we created this guide to putting you back into your home.

And the best part is, you might not even need to call a locksmith and get within your house sooner than you think.

Locked out of the house? Here is what you have to do:

Stay Calm

When you are locked out of your house, the most important thing you could do is to remain calm. While it might be tempting to get stressed out, this will not help the situation and will just make you feel worse. Take a few deep breaths to assist you to stay calm and rational so that you can take care of the situation effectively.

Do Not Attempt to Break-In

Even if you are in an incredible rush to get back in, don’t try to break into your house. This might be potentially dangerous and may result in you depriving yourself. For example, if you break a window to get in, you could cut a break on the broken glass. And of course, your neighbors may call the police and you are going to have to manage the price of fixing the broken window. Similarly, trying to climb in through an open window could also result in you falling and hurting yourself. Rather than attempting to a break-in, it is ideal to simply wait for the professionals’ Locksmith in Denton, TX.

Find an Open Door

Walk around the premises of the home and check all doors. Who knows! Perhaps you by chance left a door open and your forgetfulness ends up saving the day.

Though we don’t recommend jumping over any gates, if you choose to do so, please proceed with caution to prevent injury and/or startling your dogs.

Find an Unlocked Window

While you’re checking for open doors, check for windows that are open too. If some windows are available, make sure to feel 100% secure and comfortable crawling though.

DO NOT break the window. This may lead to injury and will likely cost more in the long run (the cost to repair the window and medical bills).

Try the Garage Door

It may come as a surprise, but a lot of people forget to open the garage to get the doorway that leads to the inside when they’re locked outside — and more often than not, people leave these doors unlocked!

Reach Out To People with Your Spare Key

Think of all the people who might have your spare key: parents, siblings, neighbors, the housekeeper, babysitter, and friends. Try giving them a call to see if they are nearby. If they are not, and you have tried all the above-mentioned, it might be time to call an expert locksmith.

Call Your Local Locksmith

If you do not have a reliable locksmith, we highly recommend doing a bit of research. Though, we know you may be outside in the heat or the midst of a monsoon, it’s important you find a professional to perform the job.

At Locksmith And Security, we’re insured and licensed locksmiths serving Dallas, Houston, Denton, and surrounding areas of Texas. And the best part is — we come to you! Our 24/7 mobile locksmith services ensure you can get into the safety of your house in no time.

Avoiding Future Lockouts

Now that we have gone over ways to get back into your house, how can we prevent getting locked out of your property? Listed below are a couple of ways:

Hide a Spare Key

If your locksmith comes to open your door, consider having him make a spare key while they’re there. Then, hide the key into a hard-to-find place, rather than under the doormat.

Here are a couple of places to look at hiding your key:

  • In a birdhouse
  • Inside an outdoor outlet cover
  • Under fake dog poop
  • Within a fake sprinkler
  • Inside a brick
  • Visit Cleverly.me for more ideas and images on great areas to hide your house key.

Go Keyless

Going keyless is becoming more and more popular due to the advantage it gives.

Those who haven’t gone keyless, say they haven’t because they believe it’s too expensive. But, you can visit our website to find more information. In case you’re looking for an affordable locksmith installation fee, give Locksmith And Security a call today.

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